Film: Corey Haim Drug Ring?
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Corey Haim

03/17/10 - Apparently there is some sort of drug ring associated with the death of actor Corey Haim and it involves a bunch of doctors. Really guys? Really? You're a respected doctor that probably makes over half a million a year and your risking your job and a prison sentence so that you can tell people you write prescriptions for Corey Haim at cocktail parties? WTF?


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1st Post

Well, this is the first official post for Soylent Green Is Made Of People. I thought about making it thought provoking and life-changing, but then I got all lazy and went and made a sandwich. After that, I went on Facebook for a few hours to look at pictures of this chick I like. I'm finally just now sitting down to do this... Oh neat, there's a bird outside my window... Look at him peck at that thing. I wonder what he does all day? Does he know that I'm looking at him? Are birds self-aware? I mean, do they even know the difference between life and death?... I could really go for a cookie right now. Either a chocolate chip one, or that macadamia nut kind... I'd be happy either way. Opps, I'd better wrap this up. I'm late for that meeting thing I have about saving kids in Africa.

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